More Than Just Hearing Aids

Why are some hearing aids so cheap?

We’ve all seen them, those adverts advertising a hearing aid for a very cheap price. Ever wonder why certain chains offer such low prices? There are many reasons at play:

  • It could be really old technology
  • It could be that they have already discounted the government grant from the price listed
  • It could be that the chain or clinic is owned by a hearing aid manufacturer company and they are trying to get rid of stock
  • It could be a device that other audiologists will not prescribe due to quality issues
  • It may not even be a hearing aid, you may be looking at a simple amplifier

Regardless of the price, if you are considering getting one of these hearing aids for an unbelievable price you should ask the audiologist (if you are even dealing with an audiologist) to tell you why you are getting such a “great deal”. As with all things in life, you get what you pay for. If you are looking at a hearing aid as a commodity instead of a medical device then you may do well with something that is sub-par. My suggestion to you: get a second opinion from an independent audiologist in private practice. You can always call and make an appointment with our Doctor of Audiology. She’s been giving second opinions to local residents in Amherstburg, Harrow, LaSalle, McGregor, Essex and Windsor for years.