Hearing Care is Health Care

Hear Here for Little Ears!

Trust your child’s hearing to our Audiologists. Early detection and intervention are essential when your child is experiencing a hearing loss. Even a slight hearing loss can be a cause of poor performance in school. Please book an appointment for your child to see our audiologist if you suspect your child is experiencing hearing difficulties. No Doctor referral is required.

Hearing Loss and Your Child

Hearing loss is the reduced ability to detect and hear sound. There are different types of loss which can be permanent or temporary. It can occur in one or both ears and can be present at birth or occur later.

When should your child be seen for a hearing evaluation?

According to the Canadian Academy of Audiology:

If your child comes under one of these categories, they should have their hearing tested before three months of age:
– Maternal infections during pregnancy
– Family history of hearing loss
– Breathing difficulty at birth
– Visible malformations of the head, neck or ears
– Very low birth weight (less than 1500 grams)
– Meningitis
– Jaundice
– Medications which cause hearing loss
– Other medical conditions associated with hearing loss
– Stay in a special care nursery for longer than 3 days
– Prolonged mechanical ventilation lasting longer than 5 days

For older children, an appointment for a hearing test should be made as soon as one of the following conditions arises:
– Parental/caregiver/teacher concern regarding hearing, speech-language and/or developmental delay
– Following meningitis, scarlet fever, mumps or other illnesses associated with high fever
– Head injury with loss of consciousness or skull fracture
– Diagnosis of a medical condition associated with hearing loss or neurodegenerative disorder
– Exposure to medication toxic to the middle ear
– Repeated or constant ear infections
– Trauma to the ear

As soon as one of the conditions above arises. Pediatric hearing testing is currently only done at our Windsor location.

We are able to test children ages 4 and up with specialized equipment at our Windsor location only.

The cost per appointment is $200.00.