More Than Just Hearing Aids

What I’ve learned about hearing loss


Nothing is more important to us that the thoughts and feedback of the people who wear hearing aids. Starkey recently asked their social media community to share one thing they’ve learned about hearing aids and hearing loss. The responses were so heartfelt and meaningful that we had to share a few!

I wish I would have gotten my hearing aid sooner. I was too vain to get it because I was only in my 40’s but I really missed hearing so much. Please don’t let vanity keep you from missing out on someone’s words.” – Maria S.

“Do we, as a society, value perceived aesthetics over the ability to communicate, connect and understand each other? I think not. We get our eyes checked yearly and should do so with our ears, too. Be deeper than an empty pleasant nod and smile. Don’t settle for being a spectator in life. Be a participant, get tested and if needed, fitted. Be connected with the ones you love. Stop missing important moments.” – Richard B.

“Having a daughter with hearing loss has made my family learn to be better speakers – looking directly at the person you are talking to, speaking clearly and not shouting at someone who has a hearing aid.” – Christy W.

“Hearing loss is all about being open to change. Change your batteries, domes and wax guards often! Change your mind about wearing them in the rain (oh, the sounds of splashing on rooftops!). Change embarrassment to empowerment; stop pretending you can hear or isolating yourself to avoid poor hearing situations, and change your life by admitting you need help. Talk to an audiologist and get some hearing aids to hear what you’ve been missing.” – Lynette T.

“When you lose your hearing you feel isolated and many other feelings. With my  hearing aids I feel like I have recaptured all that I thought I had lost!” – Kevin M.

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