More Than Just Hearing Aids

Today is epic!

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I recently stumbled upon this post on the WUWT climate change blog. Its just sort of story that I love to read (its not about climate change!) – people who were previously unhappy with their hearing aids who years later try again. What I love most about Anthony’s story is all of the small things that he mentioned, things that those with a very gradual hearing loss probably don’t even realize are missing. -ordering food through the drive thru, ordering coffee at Starbucks.

…She then asked me if I wanted to order something to eat and asked me if I wanted to hear the specials for today. For decades I’ve never heard what the specials have been in restaurants – they are just something that I waited for it to be over, but this time I heard them all.

I wish that anyone who has previously experienced displeasure with their hearing aids would come in and try out the new technology. Its incredibly rewarding to have them hear better with something new; something that wasn’t available 20 years ago.

We know how rewarding improved hearing is to the person who wasn’t hearing. But we love how he touches on how his family was affected. It is extremely frustrating for family members of the hearing impaired to attempt communication with their loved one.

…it made me frustrated and angry all the time. This affected people around me and especially the people I hold most dear; my own family. Now all of that is gone and I’m like an entirely new person because of this transformation.

Remember, May is Better Hearing Month, come in to see our Audiologists, and try the newest hearing solutions out on the market. They are incredible little gadgets that have come a long way! Just one hour could make tomorrow EPIC!