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Temporary closure due to COVID-19

Effective immediately, our clinics and staff are have NO DIRECT CONTACT with any patient or their caregivers.

We have been issued a directive by The Chief Medical Officer of Health. Click here to read the directive.

We have been issued a directive by the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists. Click here to read the directive.

If you need batteries or supplies we will mail them out to you. Please call the Amherstburg (519) 730-1030 or Essex (519) 961-9285 locations and leave a message. We will check the messages once a day.

You can also email us if you have any questions or concerns  info@youhear.ca

We will update our website once we re-open.

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance Video Links

Celina Dijkhuizen
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Below are videos direct from the manufacturer websites that will help you with the basic care and maintenance of your hearing aid(s) from home. Click on the links below to be sent to the manufacturer websites where the videos are posted. All the information, videos and trademarks are that of the manufacturer or what is otherwise stated. Unsure of the manufacturer of your hearing aid(s)? Check your invoices, accessories or the boxes given to you and there should be a logo or a name somewhere visible.

For hearing aid(s) that are Unitron or Phonak: https://www.unitron.com/content/unitron/id/en/consumer/help/tutorial-videos.html

For hearing aid(s) that are Starkey: https://www.starkey.com/support/how-to-videos

For hearing aid(s) that are Signia: https://www.signia-hearing.com/how-to-videos/

For hearing aid(s) that are Oticon or Bernafon: https://www.oticon.com/support https://www.bernafon.ca/support

For hearing aid(s) that are Widex: https://global.widex.com/en/support/maintenance

For hearing aid(s) that are GN ReSound: https://www.resound.com/en-ca/help/hearing-aids/other/videos

Footnotes Unitron.(2020). How to care for your Unitron hearing aids. Retrieved from https://www.unitron.com/content/unitron/id/en/consumer/help/tutorial-videos.html, accessed on March 18, 2020 Starkey.(2020). How to videos. Retrieved from https://www.starkey.com/support/how-to-videos, , accessed on March 18, 2020 Oticon.(2020). Oticon hearing aid support. Retrieved from https://www.oticon.com/support, accessed on March 18, 2020 Bernafon.(2020). Support: tips for new users. Retrieved from https://www.bernafon.ca/support, accessed on March 18, 2020 Widex.(2020). Hearing aid maintenance. Retrieved from https://global.widex.com/en/support/maintenance GN Hearing.(2020). Hearing aid support videos. Retrieved from https://www.resound.com/en-ca/help/hearing-aids/other/videos, accessed on March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Update 18-MAR-2020

Our Amherstburg and Essex offices will be open Wednesday March 18, 2020, but the front doors will be locked.

We have cancelled all non-emergent appointments. All speech therapy, hearing tests, hearing aid cleanings, vestibular testing, and vestibular rehabilitation appointments have already been cancelled. We will call and reschedule our patients once the office is back up and running.

We are currently only seeing patients with emergencies. Emergencies include:

  • Lost hearing aids and can not hear
  • Hearing aids are broken

Please do not come in to check on us, or to say hello. 

Please call for an appointment as we are only allowing one patient into the clinic at a time.

If you are sick, or have recently returned from abroad please advise our staff.

If you need batteries or supplies please call, we will mail them out to you.

We are taking this day by day, and will update this website. Thank you for your understanding.

COVID-19 Preventative Measures

(1) No staff or provider has been outside of the country within the last two weeks.
(2) Staff and patients are asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the clinic area.
(3) Patients are kindly asked to reschedule appointments if they have recently travelled, have been exposed to someone who has recently travelled, if they do not feel well, or have a common cold of flu symptoms.
(4) Furniture, surfaces and equipment are being sanitized regularly and after every use.
(5) Providing hand sanitizer in multiple locations throughout the clinic and ensuring staff are practicing proper hand hygiene and washing their hands regularly.
Our procedures for maintaining a clean environment meet or exceed those of The Ontario Ministry of Health.
We thank you for your patience as we work through the COVID-19 outbreak and we will keep you posted on any changes that may arise.
UPDATE Sunday 15-MAR-2020: We are suspending all speech and language pathology appointments effective immediately. We will tentatively resume this service 04-APR-2020.

Sandra DeKok joins The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic



We are pleased to announce that audiologist Sandra DeKok has joined our staff at The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic.

Sandra will be working with newborns, infants, children and adults at our Essex location.

To schedule an appointment with Sandra please call Melissa at (519) 961-9285 or email melissa@youhear.ca

Group Workshops

We are excited to be offering group workshops at our Essex and Amherstburg locations! There is a lot of information given to you at your hearing aid fitting appointment, which can make it a little overwhelming at times. A group workshop is an hour long session where our hearing health professionals go over details about your hearing loss, your new hearing aids and aural rehabilitation or retraining your brain to understand speech.

So what does a group workshop look like? The groups are small – usually between 3 and 4 participants, which allows us to support each person and answer any questions throughout. The hour is broken up into three sections:

1. Hearing Loss

2. Hearing Aids

3. Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing Loss

We give participants detailed information regarding how our ears work, what the participants’ hearing test results indicate, fun facts about hearing and our ears and more information about hearing loss overall. This portion of the workshop gives participants answers to the questions that they may have been pondering regarding their own hearing loss.

Hearing Aids

When people come in to pick up their hearing aids, the amount of information presented in that appointment can feel quite overwhelming. Participating in the group workshop allows hearing aid users to gain more knowledge on the care, use, features and functions of their hearing aids. Having only 3-4 participants allows us to go over information regarding each person’s hearing aids, in order to help them better understand their use.

Aural Rehabilitation

Hearing aids are only one piece of the puzzle. In order to maximize the benefit of new hearing aids, we have to work on retraining our brains to hear in difficult listening situations. Typically, we lose our hearing slowly over time and while hearing aids give us back the sounds we are missing, we still have to do therapy to retrain our brains how to process and understand these new sounds. In our group workshop, we provide a demonstration of one of the computer-based training programs that we offer. The program is called LACE and it stands for Listening and communication enhancement. We’ll go over what the program entails and how the program can benefit everyone – regardless of what type of hearing loss they may have.

Group workshops allow our patients to learn more about their hearing loss, hearing aids and different communication strategies, as well as meet other people who also have new hearing aids.

Bernice McKenzie is an approved Dr.CliffAud provider

We’re please to announce that Bernice McKenzie is part of the DrCliffAud Approved Provider Network!!

If you’ve researched hearing aids during the last few year’s you’ve most likely seen videos posted by Dr. Cliff Olson on his youtube channel. If it is ear related, he probably has a video talking about it. You can check out his youtube channel by clicking here.

Kid Hearing Tests

We have been getting a lot of phone calls lately asking if we test children. YES we test children.Children are tested at our Essex location.

Our services are not funded under OHIP, so there is a $100.00 fee for the testing. The testing may be covered under your extended healthcare plan (GreenShield, SunLife, Manulife, Blue Cross, etc…). Since our testing is performed by an audiologist, it is a medical expense and can be claimed as such when you do our taxes. 

To schedule an appointment call Melissa at (519) 961-9285.

2019 Hear For The Holidays!


Do you know someone who’s life would be improved by improved hearing? WE WANT TO KNOW!

The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic and Amherstburg Audiology & Hearing Aids are in search of members of our communities (Essex, Amherstburg and LaSalle) who’s hearing impairment is holding them back – so we can gift them US! One lucky winner from each clinic will receive a set of hearing aids and the gift of our services for 3 years.

Simply click the gift below and fill out our short online form.

All applicants must make themselves available for an audiometric evaluation. Entries will be received until November 29, 2019 at 11:59pm, so that we can have some time to have our winners hearing by the holiday! If you have questions, please feel free to contact us any time!


AM800 Saturday August 17 at 10am

Do you or someone you know have issues with hearing or speaking. Tune into AM800 at 10am this Saturday August 17, to hear our staff talk about the services we provide at our clinics. We will discuss tinnitus testing, vertigo testing, hearing tests (for kids and adults) and speech therapy (for kids and adults).

Email info@youhear.ca or call (519) 96109285 for more information.


Hearing Aid Rentals

A patient recently asked me if he could rent hearing aids from me for six months or a year. I’ve never really given that much thought. Yes, it is common for audiologists to rent out hearing aids to those in hospice, but to rent them out to the Average Joe is virtually unheard of. I talked to a few American audiologists about it, and some of them are actually doing this in their clinics. After time and research I believe that I’ve come up with something that may appeal to some patients.

Who would benefit from this type of program?

  • The person with a non-permanent hearing loss, whose hearing is expected to return within a few months.
  • The person with cancer who only has a few months left to live and wants to “hear every word” before they leave
  • The person who believes that they are too old for hearing aids, and does not want to commit to such a large purchase
  • The person who knows they need hearing aids, but are unsure if they will truly use them, so they want to give it a honest try before they fully commit

What are the cons?

  • Some insurance plans will not allow you to use your hearing aid benefit, as you are not purchasing a hearing aid
  • You are not eligible for the government grant, as you are not purchasing a hearing aid
  • You must come in once a month to make your payment, and for us to re-activate your devices. The devices “self destruct” after a set period of time. If you do not return, they will continually beep non-stop in your ear making them useless
  • You must purchase your own batteries and supplies
  • This is a pay per service relationship. You are allowed one follow-up appointment within 14 days of the setup appointment. All other appointments are $25 per 15 minutes. Should you require reprogramming due to a change in your hearing, you will be charged for the hearing test, reprogramming and verification (currently $320.00)
  • You can only rent behind the ear devices. In order to get a molded device, you would have to purchase your own hearing aids.
  • You only have a limited color selection.

What are the pros?

  • There is no long-term commitment. You can rent the devices for 2 months or 2 years. You are not locked in. If you no longer want to rent them, just bring them back to our office and you will not be charge for the following month.
  • If a newer model is released, you can upgrade to that version for no extra cost.

What are the setup costs?

This cost is based on us setting up the devices for you. It includes a diagnostic hearing test, programming and fine tuning with real ear measures. I need to ensure that the hearing aids are giving you the right amount of volume, and will not give you any additional hearing loss. When you do a demo at our office, we do not do any fine tuning, it’s just a first fit, and the hearing aids are not programmed to their full potential.

One Device Two Devices
Setup Fee $420.00 $520.00

How much will it cost to rent the hearing aids?

There are 5 technology levels, 5 different monthly rates. You can rent one or two devices, that is totally up to you. The monthly costs are as follows:

One Device Two Devices
500 Level $40.00 $50.00
600 Level $50.00 $60.00
700 Level $60.00 $70.00
800 Level $70.00 $80.00
PRO Level $80.00 $90.00

Are there any other costs involved?

If you require a custom earmold or Bluetooth accessory, you would need to purchase those items. These items are non-refundable.

As I said, this program is not suitable for everyone, but there are a few people out there who would love to use this program. If you have any questions or concerns, please email our office manager Melissa at Melissa@youhear.ca or you can call her at our Essex location (519) 961-9285

Speech & Language Pathologist in Essex and Amherstburg

Dragana Vuletic, Speech & Language Pathologist

She’s here!! No, we’re not announcing a baby. Our new Speech and Language Pathologist has been treating patient’s out of our Essex location since November. It took some time to transfer her license from Michigan to Ontario, but it was worth the wait.

Dragana will start taking on a caseload in Amherstburg at the beginning of January. If you, your child or your parent require the services of a speech and language pathologist, call us today to book an appointment with Dragana (we call her “Dee”).

Dragana graduated with her Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She has clinical experience in schools, hospitals and outpatient clinics. Dragana has treated clients in early language intervention, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, infants and children with cochlear implants, and adults with communication disorders. She has her initial registration with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO) and is a Clinical Fellow with the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). She has recently received training for the PROMPT technique and is always looking forward to expanding her knowledge in the field of speech-language pathology.


Emily Ellard, Communicate Disorders Assistant

Dragana will be providing services with the help of our Communicative Disorders Assistant Emily. What is a communicative disorders assistant? “[A]ny individual employed in a role supporting the delivery of speech-language pathology and/or audiology services AND receiving supervision in those duties by a qualified speech-language pathologist or audiologist”.

Emily graduated from the Communicative Disorders Assistant program at Lambton College in 2016 and completed the Audiologist’s Assistant program at Nova Southeastern University shortly after. She will assist Dragana at our Essex and Amherstburg locations.

For an appointment in Essex, call Melissa at (519) 961-9285 or email Melissa@YouHear.ca

For an appointment in Amherstburg, call Marlene at (519) 730-1030 or email Marlene@YouHear.ca


2018 Hear For The Holidays Winner!!


We are blessed that we can share the gift of hearing with members of the community. For the last three years we have given someone the chance to “hear for the holidays”, by purchasing hearing aids for them. This years winner is “Uncle Jim”. We hope he enjoys his new “ears”.

We would like to thank all of the patient’s who support us. Giving back to the communities, that have trusted us with their hearing healthcare needs.

Merry Chritsmas!!!

—- From the staff at Amherstburg Audiology and The Hearing & Dizziness Clinic

Bernice, Melissa, Emily, Marlene, Celina, Dragana, Cory, Sonia and Teresa

2018 Christmas Holiday Hours


The offices will be closed Friday December 21, 2018 and will return to regular business hours Wednesday January 2, 2019.

Someone will be available to help hearing aids patients at the Amherstburg and Essex location on Thursday December 27, 2018 between 9am and 12 noon.


Friday 21-DEC-2018   CLOSED

Monday 24-DEC-2018 – CLOSED

Tuesday 25-DEC-2018  CLOSED

Wednesday 26-DEC-2018  CLOSED

Thursday 27-DEC-2018 OPEN 9am-12noon in Amherstburg and Essex

Friday 28-DEC-2018 CLOSED

Monday 31-DEC-2018 CLOSED

Tuesday 1-JAN-2019 CLOSED

Wednesday 2-JAN-2019 OPEN

Aural Rehabilitation Program

People are shocked when I tell them that their hearing aids are not going to solve all of their listening problems. Hearing aids give you back the sounds that you’ve been missing, but they do not train your brain to hear, especially in noisy situations. I recommend that my patient’s complete rehabilitation when they get hearing aids or a cochlear implant. When you break a leg, you often go to therapy with physiotherapy to regain function. Function will never be 100%, but if you want the best outcome therapy will increase your function. The same can be said for your hearing. You will never hear 100%, but the therapy will improve how you function in quiet and noisy situations.

We offer two different programs that can be completed in our office under the supervision of our audiologist or speech-language pathologist, or if you prefer, once we’ve set you up, you can complete the program from the comfort of your own home.

The basic program consists of 11 classes. The objective is to increase your hearing and speech understanding in difficult listening situations. The total cost of the program is $500.00 ($300.00 if you purchased your hearing aids from one of our clinics), but if you will be completing the program on your own at home the cost is $100.00.

Our advanced program consists of 24 sessions. The objective is to increase your hearing and speech understanding in difficult listening situations, but instead of using the pre-recorded voice for training, we can use the voice of a loved one, the person in your life that you have the most difficulty hearing. The total cost of the advance program is $1,070.00, but if you will be completing the program on your own at home the cost is $150.00.  If you want us to help you customize the program by adding the voice of a loved one, there is an extra cost. The cost for customized voice will vary based on the number of sessions it takes for us to complete the recordings.

These classes are perfect for:

  • individuals with normal hearing but suffer from auditory processing disorders,
  • individuals with normal hearing but have trouble hearing in noise,
  • first time hearing aid users,
  • long term hearing aid users who struggle in noise and
  • cochlear implant users

You can take these courses, even if you purchased your hearing aids elsewhere. We do not want to sell you hearing aids, we want to help you hear at your best.

If you have insurance that covers speech-language pathology or audiology, part or all of the above charges may be covered by your insurance plan. If you do not have insurance, you can claim the cost of the course as a medical expense when you do your taxes.

If you would like for us to check your coverage with your insurance plan on your behalf, please contact:

Essex: Melissa at (519) 961-9285 or email Melissa@YouHear.ca

Amherstburg: Marlene at (519) 730-1030 or email Marlene@YouHear.ca

Hear For The Holidays 2018

Spread the word. Share the gift of hearing.

Every year, we select one or two deserving patients, and our Doctor of Audiology personally pays for their hearing aids.

If you know someone who is in need, please enter them into our competition. Visit this link for more information: https://youhear.ca/site/christmas2018/







We have a winner!!!!

“Uncle Jim” was the winner of this years competition. We received many great entries, and wish we could have helped out more deserving individuals.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and thank you for all the love and support that the community has given us.



Speech & Language Pathologist Dayna Maitre will no longer be seeing patients out of our Essex location as of the end of September.

We have hired a Speech & Language Pathologist who will be seeing patients (children and adults) out of our Essex location.

Please contact our Office Manager Melissa if you would like to be added to our waiting list.

Melissa can be reached by calling (519) 961-9285 or by email Melissa@YouHear.ca

Unitron Upgrade Sale

This offer is valid on the Unitron North and Unitron Tempus platform. Cost is as follows:



Cost to upgrade technology level (per aid)

Current Aid





























Cost to upgrade technology level (per aid)

Current Aid



























  • Aids must have been purchased more than a year ago from Amherstburg Audiology or The Hearing and Dizziness Clinic
  • Upgrade must occur before September 30, 2018
  • Once upgraded, you can not revert back to your lower technology (all updates are final)
  • Warranty is not extended, service plan is not extended
  • Not valid for third party orders such as DVA, RCMP, NIHB, ODPS, WSIB etc…